"Life's an adventure so let's start in the kitchen"

Culinary Services

Personal Chef Services

Do you want to eat fresh healthy food from your own kitchen; but don't have time to make delicious meals at home for you and your family.  Chef Chris takes out the stress of food prepping and cooking nutritious food!

Chef Chris studied Culinary Arts at The Culinary Institute of America. Drawing on this knowledge, He will help you create a completely personalized “roadmap to health” that suits your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals.

Personal Chef Services are in-house, weekly, bi-weekly, or at a specified time to suit your needs.

Contact Chef Chris to create a customized meal plan that fits into your budget and lifestyle.


Host a Dinner Party, or Interactive Cooking Parties!



Culinary Coaching

Kids, Teens, and Adults

Hands-on cooking and nutrition education where you will learn the fundamental elements of cooking.  introduce to the pleasures of preparing and enjoying "real food" that is both nutritious and delicious. 

This program incorporates healthy cooking, meal planning, and active living. If you’re ready to start cooking healthy and plan meals so, you get back more free time.  Then this is the adventure for you!

Junior Chef Assistant

“Creating and Being Creative”

Student ages 6 to 9 years old learn about cooking by watching, feeling, smelling, tasting and hands-on experiences. Culinary Coaching lessons teach kids kitchen safety, helping in the kitchen, adding ingredients, practice measuring, spreading, pouring, peeling, tearing, tossing, and stirring.

Junior Chef in Training

Kids ages 9-11-year-olds get a more hands-on experience at this stage, and with help, they can accomplish a lot in the kitchen. In this program, students will learn the fundamental elements of cooking, kitchen safety, food safety, basic nutrition, cooking methods, and techniques.

Junior Chef

Young Chefs ages 12 and up that have learned how to measure, add ingredients together, and can read the recipe. Students learn how cook a full meal, plan meals, measuring conversions, baking basics, safely cook poultry, red meat, and seafood to the right temperature.


Contact Chef Chris for a list of Lessons and Recipes for Programs your interested in!

Start a Food Adventure!

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